Read me BEFORE you Travel!!


Read me BEFORE you Travel!!

We live in a time where financial fraud occurs more often than ever before. Fraudsters are working diligently to gain access to your hard earned money and we are working just as hard to protect it for you.

There are certain countries with reported major financial fraud rings. There are other countries that we are unable to do business with because they are listed on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (O.F.A.C.) list. Check O.F.A.C List Here


In an effort to keep losses down and protect your money at the same time, your Visa Debit and Credit Cards will not work in the following countries; however completing a Travel Notification Form will allow you to use your Visa Debit Card:






Hong Kong


We will update the blocked countries list periodically as information is released to us. Please check the site each time before you travel. Again, our VISA Debit Card will not work in these countries without completing a Travel Notification Form.


TRAVEL TIP!! Providing basic travel information such as dates and destinations along with travel contact information can reduce the chances that your legitimate transactions will not be blocked and help us to contact you faster if fraud is suspected. Premier Community Credit Union's fraud detection system works 24/7/365 days to protect your funds. Stored Value Cards such as pre-paid VISA cards are recommended when traveling to these countries.


To submit your completed Travel Notification Form please visit your nearest service center or fax to 209-235-1121.

Important numbers to carry when traveling:

VISA Debit Card

To report your VISA Debit Card lost or stolen: 800-754-4128

VISA Debit Card Fraud Center (US Toll Free): 888-241-2440

Outside US call collect: 909-941-1034

VISA Credit Card

To report your VISA Credit Card lost or stolen: 800-682-6075

VISA Credit Cardholder Services, including fraud (US Toll Free): 800-237-6211

VISA Global Travel Assistance emergency cash & card replacement (US Toll Free): 800-VISA-911

Outside US call collect: 410-581-9994

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